Zomlings Series 6 Review

Have you heard of the Zomlings? They are collectible zombie-based characters. Kids love them.

Don’t worry because they are not Zombie like at all. They are colourful and actually quite cute when you look at them closely.

We were sent a few products from Series 6 to review and the children enjoyed playing with them.

The products we were sent were –

  • Starter Pack – £4
  • Blind Bags – 50p
  • Zom-Mobiles – £1.50
  • Blister Pack – £8
  • Capsule -£2.50

The children love opening blind bags so this was a treat for them. We were lucky to get just one or two repeats in all the products we got. In fact, in 10 blind bags, I don’t think we got any repeats.

Each blind bag has one Zomling and as I mentioned they are quite cute. Some are animal zombies and we quite liked the little R-Bit with the carrot in its hand.

The Starter Pack included 3 Zomlings, a guide and a special Zom-Mobile.

The blister pack included 4 Nom-mobiles and 4 Zomlings including two mystery ones. In our pack we were thrilled to get an ultra rare Zomling.

The Zom-mobiles are zombie versions of cars and planes it would seem. I like that the Zomlings can sit in them.

The capsule has two Zomlings in it and can be opened too.

We enjoyed playing with this series. There are so many colourful Zomlings and I love the cat which looks like the Lucky Cat. (the one with the paw up)

The children are thrilled to bits with their Zomling army (as they call it).

These collectibles are ideal for imaginative play and for exchanging too. They are perfect for pocket money toys. From there prices listed above, they are also good value for money.

There are 105 characters to collect as some have variations of colour.


There is also a wider range of toys such as the Magic Trick School (RRP £5), Pirate and Race Blister Packs (RRP £12 each) and the Crazy School Bus (RRP £25).

Series 6 has just hit the shelves and are available at from Co-op, One Stop, Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and a variety of other newsagents and toy stores across the UK.

For more information visit – www.magicboxint.com


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