Zenith Home Energy Kit – An Introduction

I am constantly on the lookout to see how we can save money and saving money on utility bills is at the top of the list.

I am constantly having to tell the children to switch off the lights when they leave a room.

I think the lovely people at Zenith heard me out and sent me a home energy saving kit that would help me save on gas and electricity

Here is an introduction to the products. I will be posting about how effective they have been once I have tried them for a while.


Energy Saving Monitor – These have become quite popular nowadays with more and more people investing in one. I received an OWL Micro + monitor and this retails at about £27. It allows one to see how much energy is being used instantly as well as letting one know which appliances are using the most energy. Perfect for people on a budget.


Radiator Booster – This clever device maximises the efficiency of the radiator by circulating the heating around the room to provide consistent room temperature. It retails at about £35 and can save about £140 per year on your heating bill.


Shower Timer – Perfect for my little girl who loves the shower. Set the timer on how long you want to shower and it will been when the limit is reached. Ideal for me too when I am in a hurry. It also helps educate children on the importance of conserving water.  The Showerdrop universal shower meter retails at about £12 and can save upto £180 per year on water bills.


Automatic Standby Shutdown –  I never really believed that entertainment units like the television and DVD player can make changes to my energy bill. The Energenie automatically cuts power to the appliances by recognising when they are on standby, saving money. It retails at about £10.

I am quite looking forward to using these products and seeing the difference it makes to my energy bills.

Zenith also has an online Energy Hub which gives lots of information about energy saving tips as well as infographics and videos to help you reduce energy use. It also gives you information about the industry. If you would like to know more, click here


Watch this space for another post telling you how I fared with the products.

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