Zeamu Music – Music especially for Primary School Children


My daughters are 8 and 2 and my son is 4. They love listening to music.

I like them to listen to music too.

With the little one she doesn’t really follow the lyrics but with Ethan, he is beginning to question some words in the lyrics and Jadyn is obviously growing more and more aware of what lyrics convey and mean.

In fact, the other day, she came back and asked me if she could download the lyrics to a song that is quite popular today as her friends had been singing it. Now, I am no damp squib but I do have to ensure that she doesn’t grow up before her time, and I had to say no because I didn’t think the lyrics were right for her.

I do not want them to have to stop listening to music just because the lyrics are inappropriate. I would love them to enjoy the entertainment music brings but they are not allowed to watch music videos which are not suited to their age (unfortunately most of them are!) and if some of the lyrics are too adult, well then I have to stop them from listening to that as well. Then the alternative is nursery rhymes!

To my good luck, I received a CD from Zeamu Music. Now, this is something that is targeted to children aged 4 – 11. No, they are not nursery rhymes but they are age appropriate songs that have really catchy tunes.


They have been dancing to it and J has been sitting with the lyrics and following the songs. And I don’t mind! J

The CD contains 14 songs sung by children for primary school children. The songs have lyrics about experiences that primary school children can identify with like ‘Beat the Bullies’, ‘Summer Holidays’.


The children love ‘Friend of Mine’ the best and so do I as the tune is really catchy and great to move to.

Together with the CD we were also sent 2 T-shirts and the children put them on immediately.


Zeamu is a record label that has been launched by the music industry’s hottest producers, composers and musicians. Zeamu Music has also won the ‘Highly Commended’ Award in the Dad’s Choice Awards 2013.


The CD is available for £10.99 at Zeamu


Here is the video to Friend of Mine – Don’t you feel like dancing too?

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