You’re invited to a Zack and Quack Party

We are going to have a party in our house next week and we are all very excited.

I am going to be trying something entirely new next week and I would love it if you, as my readers, would join me.

zack_&_quack_blogger_button_b_300_250Have you ever heard of Zack and Quack? Well, probably not because I had not heard of it either until I knew I was going to be hosting a Zack and Quack Twitter party.

Zack and Quack is a brand new television series, which takes place in a cardboard pop-up world where Zack interacts with his paper world in ingenious ways; constantly finding creative ways to solve any problem. Where and when, do I hear you ask?

The UK premiere will take place on 7th of February at 4.30pm on Nick Jr.

I shall be hosting a Twitter party and it sounds like it’s going to be loads of fun. We will be taking part in lots of craft activities and I shall be tweeting pictures and updates as we progress as we will be having a little party of our own with the children and some friends.

Make sure you have your PCs’ Laptops, Tablets or even your phone handy to follow #Zackandquack hashtag on the 7th of February between 3.45 -5.45 to join the Twitter Party Extravaganza as there will be online spot competitions and fun and games to take part in. I also suggest you start gathering empty boxes, bottles etc to use for activities while watching the show.


We are super excited and really hope that you can join us and partake in the fun.

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