You can’t go wrong with chocolates on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is looming large and if you are biting your nails deciding what to give your special someone, don’t fret. You can never go wrong with chocolates. Especially with the wide selection out there.

I was sent this lovely chocolate box from Godiva and I was actually quite loathe to open it and destroy the box. Jadyn came back and said immediately that she ‘dibs’ the box. ( that’s her latest favourite word)

This box contains 11 chocolates each as good as the other making it really difficult to choose but we got there in the end.










You can’t be anything less than happy with a box of Godiva chocolates. They are creamy and lush and just delicious. The dark chocolates are amazing. These are more suited to the adult palate, I would say as my little 3 year old found them a bit strong. (which is exactly how they should be)

This box contains limited edition ganache fondants mixed with chocolate. Yum!! It retails at £23

valentines day

There are several designs in this vintage styled box and all look lovely.

Godiva has a lovely range out for Valentine’s Day and these are some of my favourites. I love the Godiva Valentine Bear.



I was also sent this little pouch of Godiva chocolates and these are similar to the ones I reviewed but not in a box.



You can find the entire selection of Godiva’s Valentine Special chocolates here


Disclaimer: I was sent the above products for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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