WWE Double Attack Range Review

Though Ethan does not watch WWE, he likes playing at fighting so when we were asked if we would like to review this WWE Double Attack Ring set, I knew he would like it.


The set is basically the ring with one WWE fighter. You can attach the fighters to the movable little stand and then use the corners to make them fight.

It is quite a lot of fun and Ethan enjoys playing with it.

The ring is a replication of the rings that you see on telly and of course you can purchase the fighters separately.

You can play with it alone or have a battle with a friend.


The box comes with the ring and it needs to be assembled but this takes little or no time. You just need to pop the poles into place and attach the foot holders.


You need to have two figures to be able to make maximum use of the ring. I was a little disappointed that the set didn’t come with figures as without them you really cannot play with the ring. You need to buy these separately.

Once you attach the fighters to the leg stands you can make them ‘fight’ or move their arms to throw punches. This is the fun bit.


Since the figures can be removed, you can also play with these separately.


The set is priced at £27.99 and the figures are priced at about £13.99

It is aimed at children aged 6+.

We quite like the product and Ethan loves challenging Dad to a fight. The set is ideal for imaginary play.



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