Would you like flawless Sk:n?

At my age, and if you want to find this out you may need to be following my blog more, one begins to worry about fine lines appearing. And no, I do not have wrinkles!!

However, my skin is definitely not what it used to be 20 years ago and when I look at old photographs, I do envy the young me in them. My skin, if I may say so myself, was flawless and I never required any foundation or make up to make it glow. My face was my fortune –so to speak! I may have been famous if I was a couple of inches taller (okay, more than a couple of inches for those who know me)

Now though, it’s a different story. My skin does not glow unless I am angry. And you know those fine lines I was talking about – well, they may have, sort of, started to appear. Very, very fine, but there all the same.

Although, I am not looking for a Botox treatment at the moment, I sometimes browse the internet for treatments that I may want to avail of especially to remove the freckles that have appeared on my cheeks (and I am not even a red head!!)


I happened to chance upon Sk:n and found that they have treatments which are quite inexpensive. They  have a range of treatments like Acne scar removal, Anti wrinkle injections, Laser hair removal, mole removal, microdermabrasion and skin peels. They even have straightening and whitening of teeth and other dental procedures.


I was particularly intrigued by the chemical skin peel .  When I heard of skin peels, I did connect them to face masks etc that help exfoliate dead cells etc. I know that my skin does feel cleaner and has more of a glow after a face mask/peel. But obviously this does so much more.

InnerPeel is a treatment that helps to remove wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, age spots and sun damaged skin. Since it does not involve surgery, it is safe and pain-free.

These chemical skin peel costs begin at £40 (there is a sale on at the moment) and I was quite surprised at this because I think this is quite affordable.

There is a free consultation offered to ascertain the best treatment for you so there is nothing to lose. Besides, at Sk:n, these treatments are tailored to one’s requirements so it’s really about getting the best possible solution for your needs.

Sk:n has a team of experienced doctors and staff  so one is sure that they are in good hands. They are also on the ‘Treatment you can Trust’ register which makes me confident of the fact that they will have treatments that are going to be safe and tested.


I know I am going to look further into these treatments at Sk:n. What about you? Are you seeing the appearance of lines on your face? You may want to visit the site too. The Sk:n blog also has some wonderful tips about keeping your skin healthy and glowing so be sure to visit.

Flawless skin is something that I associate with movie stars. They always have perfect skin tone even as they wake up in the morning.  With Sk:n, it looks like you can have movie star skin at an inexpensive price.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but it has in no way influenced my opinions.

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