World Wildlife Fund Tumble Tower Review


We were invited to review a World Wildlife Fund Tropical Tumble Tower game and I knew that this would be perfect for family time.

While my children do play on devices quite a bit, I try to get them to do other things and try new pursuits. We also love playing together as a family so this game is ideal.

The game comes in a handy carry case that you can take with you when you go away on a holiday or it’s perfect for sleepovers with the grandparents or friends.


I’m sure you must know about Jenga even if you haven’t played it yourself. It’s a skill game where you need to remove a block without the entire tower collapsing. I normally lose.

Pretty easy right? But then, if you’ve played a similar game, you know its not all that easy. You have to be clever enough to choose the correct piece to replace.


Sometimes, my kids just love pulling out the wrong piece so it crashes. 🙂


I love this game as it increases concentration and it helps to get the family together for a game of fun. It can be enjoyed by children aged 3+

For young children you can lower the tower. In fact, even if they can’t understand the game, they can enjoy themselves just building the tower as it does help their motor skills as well as concentration.

The blocks look lovely when set up with the animal print patterns on the side – here you can ask a little one to guess wheich animal it may be. There are lots of options with this set.

I would definitely recommend this as a lovely family game.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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