A Word Game I Enjoyed Playing When I Was Young

When we were young, I remember playing this game called Name, Place, Animal, Thing.

Do you remember ever having played it or something similar?

If you haven’t, here’s the deal. It’s a word game and it makes you think.

How to play –

Write the letters of the alphabet on individual pieces of paper. Fold them up so you can’t see the alphabets.

Make columns on a page with the headings – NAME   PLACE   ANIMAL  THING

Then pick a paper with the alphabets on them.

Write one of each of the above with that alphabet – something like the below image –

Word Game

You then collate answers.

You get 10 points for each correct entry and no points for a made up animal or place or thing! (Obviously) If two or more people have the same entry, the points go down to 5.

The great bit is that any number of players can play – well up to a controllable limit.

When we played this, we didn’t realise that it was a word game (smart parents) but it is a brilliant games for making children think and also to be careful about capital letters for names and places etc. The idea is to also try to think of the most unique names so you get more points.

Have you ever played this game or something similar? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear about it.


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13 thoughts on “A Word Game I Enjoyed Playing When I Was Young

  1. In the car we play the alphabet game when we start with A and think of a subject beginning with the letter so for example Animals. then we take it in turns to name an animal for each letter of the alphabet. if we all agree that there isnt an animal beginning with that letter they have to find that letter within the name of an animal.then we go to B ie birds and so on.

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