Woolly & Tig App: Review

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I had been chosen to review the new Woolly and Tig App.

If you are unfamiliar with Woolly and Tig, it is a popular television series on CBeebies, which features a little girl and her woolly friend – a spider. It talks about children’s feelings when faced with new situations like the first hair cut, first day at nursery etc.

My children love playing on the iPad and when they saw this app downloaded, they were quite keen to try it out especially since they are familiar with Woolly and Tig.


The first part is Free Play where you can interact with Woolly using the touch screen. So children can tickle, stroke or hug Woolly and can also make him tumble or count with him.

The other part is structured play where a child can play and learn together for example to brush teeth, wash his face or get dressed.


Getting Dressed – you can dress Woolly in his brightly coloured socks –red, blue, green and yellow to choose from. Great for learning colours!

Brush my teeth – Squeeze the toothpaste on screen onto the toothbrush and then brush Woolly’s teeth.

Wash my face – rub the soap on the sponge and lather up to clean the dirt off Woolly’s face.

Fun in the rain – open Woolly’s umbrella and make him jump in puddles. After the rain, draw a beautiful rainbow.

Fun in the sun – Rub suncream on Woolly, choose a hat for him and even make him don pair of cool shades.

Fun in the snow – this is their favourite. Help Woolly to make a snowman by rolling the ball of snow to make it larger and then give the snowman a hat, some arms, a scarf, eyes, a nose and a mouth.


Parents can also schedule tasks to be completed like brushing teeth etc. This however does not really apply to us that much as the children are restricted when it concerns the iPad and do not constantly have it with them so it is something that they would not get much use of.


On the whole, the app is really cute and engaging and suited to pre-schoolers. My son who is 5 also likes having a play with it. Aeryn is 2 and loves to play the fun in the snow bit.

I think it is great for little ones to learn about dressing and colours and numbers. There is a lot that one can talk about too in the different scenes – when you see a rainbow? When do you need suncream?

The app is priced at £2.99 and the children are enjoying playing with it.

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