Woolly and Tig Songs for Wobbly Moments CD Review

” I Love Woolly and Woolly loves me

We’ve been together since we were wee!”

I often find myself singing in this in the kitchen ( I know!!!!) But it is kind of catchy.

So, on being offered a chance to review the new Woolly and Tig – Songs for Wobbly Moments CD, I knew it was a big whole hearted – Yes.


For those who don’t know about Woolly and Tig,  it is about a little girl and her friendly spider toy that helps her through different situations that she  either afraid of or has a problem getting through like a visit to the doctor, having a bath or falling asleep and even emotions like feeling grumpy. Strange for it to be a spider, as most children don’t like spiders but I think it reiterates the idea that one can overcome ones fears very easily.

The CD is available from the 7th of July and you can also download it on iTunes. If you would like to listen to a sample, click here.

The songs on the CD are –

  1. Big Stomps
  2. If There Wasn’t a ‘No’
  3. The Thunder Bang Song
  4. Funky Dunky
  5. Bunches
  6. Rubba Dubba Rock
  7. I Like Monsters
  8. Counting Kisses
  9. I Love Woolly
  10. Holidays
  11. Elves & Shoemaker
  12. Give a Smile
  13. Weenie Worries
  14. I Love Mummy
  15. Mairi’s Wedding
  16. Cheeky Wee Echo
  17. One More Step
  18. Agree too Disagree
  19. Auld Lang Syne
  20. Counting Kisses Woolly’s Solo

All the songs are quite lovely. We love the tune of ‘Holidays’ the most and I like the lyrics of ‘If there wasn’t a “No”,’and ‘Agree to Disagree’.

There is even a little picture for little ones to colour in.


The songs are great for singing along too and the Aeryn does love listening to it.I think it is a great CD for any child.


She is really happy to have her very own Woolly to get cuddly with.

The price of the album varies from £4.99 – £5.99 depending on whether you download it from iTunes or purchase the CD. Both will be available only from 7th July.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Woolly and Tig CD and the Woolly Soft Toy for the purpose of this review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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