Winter Warming Soups from Heinz

With the chill in the air, there’s nothing better than a hot soup to keep you warm. Heinz soups are the perfect winter warming food all while helping you to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet.

For me it’s no fun sitting over a stove and stirring soup when I am able to open a can and pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and have a soup ready.

Besides with the range of flavours, there’s something to please everyone. We are a family of 5. Each one of us has different tastes. Now while I don’t spoil my children by cooking dishes to cater to everyone, it is nice to let them choose what they would like to eat. With Heinz soups that’s possible. I can feed the family 5 different soups keeping everyone happy and since they constitute as ‘1 of your 5 a day’ – the kids are getting a healthy meal too.

One sure fire way of having your cake  er…soup and eating it too.

Have you seen the different flavours there are?


We were sent a range of soups and honestly while we liked all of them (yes we did the famous – can I taste yours?) each one had a favourite. The children liked the Chicken, Chicken and mushroom and the Chicken Noodle soups.

I quite liked the Minestrone and my husband liked the Oxtail.

The can are priced at 95p each and I think the price is pretty reasonable for the contents. It makes a perfect ‘feeling peckish’ snack, a great feel good lunch or a perfect light dinner.

The children loved dipping breadsticks in theirs but I also love dipping crust bread into soup. Just Yum!

Here are some interesting facts about Heinz soups –






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