Winter Outings For All The Family

Winter is cold; it can be miserable and wet and windy too. But it is also a magical time of year, the most wonderful time of the year in fact and while it’s great fun getting wrapped up in blankets and watching films, you can also have some good fun going out and doing wintry activities too. If you’re stuck for ideas for how to entertain your kids now the weather has turned then look no further. There’s plenty to do for all the family.

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Ice Skating

While this is an activity that can be done any time of year if you go to an ice rink, there’s something different about it during winter. First of all, there are many more opportunities to do it as small ice rinks pop up all over the place. Secondly, it’s far more fun to be whizzing around the ice in your hat scarf and gloves. It’s a really good family activity, even little ones can join in, and it’s usually the parents falling over. Finish off with a nice warm hot chocolate and don’t forget to take lots of photos. 


Indoor Ski Slope

Similarly, you could go to an indoor ski slope during the height of summer, but it just doesn’t seem right, does it? If the snow hasn’t fallen, but you fancy getting in some skiing practice, then get yourself down to an indoor ski centre. Or if skiing’s not really our cup of tea, you can even just go and play in the snow or go sledding at most of these places, so wrap up and go and have some fun. 


Horse Riding

It’s so beautiful to go horse riding in the winter. Of course, it will be cold, but the views will be gorgeous, you’ll get plenty of fresh air, and it’s great exercise too. If you’ve not been horse riding before, no need to worry, you can go on hacks led by professionals so you and the whole family can go together and you won’t get lost. You might even be able to borrow all the kit from the stables, but if not it’s really easy to get horse supplies online


Go Hiking

The kids might not want to join you on a hike in the winter, but what if it was a hike to go and choose your Christmas Tree and chop it down? That might be a little more appealing to them. There are a few places you can go and do this, so it’s Or if you have a dog then getting out there at the weekend and you all having some exercise together is great for family bonding, and you can always treat yourself to a cosy pub lunch afterwards.


Nature Trail

Winter is a great time to get outside and get collecting things. Pine cones, holly leaves and autumn leaves that have fallen off trees. Get out there, get collecting and then you and the kids can make some nice Christmas decorations with everything you have found. 


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