Winter boots – is it that time of year already?

I can’t believe it’s almost September. Where did summer go? And did we have one in the first place?

But I know come September, I’ll have to be taking out the cardigans and woolies and then it will be winter all over again. Seems like just yesterday…sigh!

I do like winter to be honest (when it’s not raining, that is). I love the crisp, cold mornings. The snow. And my favourite celebration of all -Christmas.

Besides, I love to get my coats out and pair them with my scarves and gloves and boots.

I love shoes and can quite easily have a room full of shoes. I used to love wearing heels but don’t anymore – ever since the kids.

I think that every woman should have a good collection of boots. I have a heeled pair of knee high boots for formal events, an ankle boot that I just love and a pair of GoreTex boots that I use for the school run and when it’s raining. I find the GoreTex ones really comfortable for everyday use and I like that it keeps my feet dry.

Well now that winter is looming, it’s time for me to look at the trends this year. I visited the Cotswold Outdoor website and saw some lovely snow boots on there.

I quite like this Janey Boot as it looks super snuggly and it’s waterproof too.


I love this Figueroa Boot too – it’s got faux shearling lining that I’m sure must be lovely to step into.


And what’s more they are on sale at the moment. I’m definitely going to be getting a pair for myself. The difficult part is which one to buy…

Do you have a shoe collection? Leave a comment as I’d love to know.


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