Wingz Fashion Arm Coverage Review

I’m quite conscious of the fact that I have put on quite a bit of weight since before the children. What I’m actually doing to lose it is another story but that’s not what this post is about.

I am VERY conscious of my arms especially with summer here. Not sure where the actual Summer is but hey ho – I get to take out my summer wear. I like wearing sleeveless tops and dresses but always feel that my arms are not as slim as they used to be.

Which means that I can get quite self-conscious about my arms.

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Luckily, Wingz came to my rescue and sent me one to review.

The concept is quite unique and so helpful. It adds sleeves to your sleeveless tops and dresses without you having to change the design of the clothes.

What you do is wear it under your dress or top and you magically have sleeves which cover your arms keeping you stylish and ready to take on summer.

I love the concept and have used it a few times when I have been out. It is easy to wear and since it fits over the bra, it does not mean that you are adding layers to make you feel warm. It also somehow makes my arms look slimmer so it’s a win win.

The material is also soft and quite stretchy so it fits well beneath your clothes.

The Wingz Fashion Arm Coverage is available for the price of £15.99 and I thing it is really good value for money. Delivery is just £1.99

Are you conscious of your arms? Do check out Wingz. I liked mine so much that I ordered one in black too.


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