Win a Nickelodeon Goody Bag including a Wacky Hair Dough Set

Are you a Nick Jr. fan? We all are here at home and we love watching the shows that air on there. It’s great to know that the Nick Jr. website has a new look and there’s more on offer there. Here’s what you can expect –  now has a new streamlined look, offering UK families the best in pre-school digital content.

“Our aim was to rejuvenate to match our young audience’s constantly evolving digital habits,” said Suzie Adams, Nickelodeon Digital Director.  “We now have a platform which encourages and inspires children to use their imagination whilst providing them opportunity to immerse themselves in the worlds of their favourite Nick Jr. shows.”  

Improved navigation on the site now  features more visual cues for kids aged two to seven, allowing them to access content easily by clicking on their favourite characters such as Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Blaze and the Monster Machines and Dora. has been upgraded so it can be used anywhere, on any device, enabling access to free games and activities on the go, which can be enjoyed full screen.

The site has also become more interactive for its users, creating a enjoyable and engaging platform for kids to have fun, be creative and learn. New ‘Alphabuttons’ have been dotted across the site and aim to help children learn the alphabet. When clicked, a unique animation will appear featuring both the letter and a Nick Jr. character.

As well as being separated by character, the site content has been allocated into four groups to allow users to navigate quickly and easily:


A new section for the upgraded site, here users will find musical activities, games and sing-along videos. This section also hosts the much-loved Big Block Sing Song videos.


This hub congregates all of the content that allows kids to learn letters, numbers and more via their favourite Nick Jr. characters and shows. This section also includes the award-winning Nick Jr. Leap.


Here kids can create their very own artwork. Users can work with digital templates of Nick Jr. characters, embellishing them with a range of tools, from paint splats to glitter or can be printed and coloured by hand


The new site contains more videos than ever before, including music videos and original shorts. Plus thanks to the site upgrade, these can be viewed anywhere.


The site upgrade now means that all games can be played in full screen. In this section users will find a whole host of engaging gaming, including racing, puzzle and dress-up games. Each game created by Nick Jr. aims to entertain kids whilst also offering educational resources in topics such as maths, reading and socio-emotional skills.

nick jr prize


And to celebrate the new site, I’ve joined them to give away this amazing goody bag filled with Nickelodeon goodies –

  • Nick Jr. colouring book
  • Nick Jr. umbrella
  • Nick Jr. tote bag
  • Nick Jr. crayon set
  • Nick Jr. ‘Wacky Hair Dough’ art kit (this hasn’t hit the shops yet so you’ll be among the first to get your hands on it)

For a chance to win, enter the giveaway below –

Nickelodeon Goody bag including Wacky Hair Dough

91 thoughts on “Win a Nickelodeon Goody Bag including a Wacky Hair Dough Set

  1. I like the learning actovities section as it provides activities that children will have fun doing and they will learn at the same time without knowing it!

  2. I really like the simplicity of the layout, as it makes it easily accessible for young kids. The best bit though has to be the “learn” section, it’s really attractive to kids to learn if their favourite characters are involved. It’s worked pretty well for me so far! The prize is great, my son would love it!

  3. I like that it’s easy to use on a tablet as all of the clickable things are chunky/big so easy to press with a finger.

  4. We have always liked the characters/ shows on the top of the page so that young children find the content they want easily. Good to know that this can now be accessed on all devices 🙂

  5. Never visited the old site but clicked through to the new one today and it looked colourful and easy to navigate

  6. I cant remember visiting the old site but the new site looks so kid friendly I will be sure to tell my daughter about it.

  7. It’ keep my daughter amuzed for hours she sit on her pad playing games and watching clips from Ben and holly and peppa pig

  8. I like the easy navigation for kids especially the banner at the top with different kids shows that you can click on.

  9. Its definately easier to navigate for my daughter, i can leave her unsupervised on the ipad while i get my ironing done, which is always a mum bonus 🙂

  10. I like how good and easy the website is to use as it’s not to complicated unlike some other websites i’ve been on before.

  11. I like that there are lots of preloaded options on the front page, it saves so much time going through categories if you can’t decide what to choose

  12. I let my daughter have a look at the website and she found it really easy to find her favourite programme,the brightness and layout was perfect for her to use and she found it really easy which is great!

  13. I never saw the old Nick Jr. Websit but I love the look of this new one, I love the activities section. My daughter is shimmer and shine obsessed so I’ll definitely be looking on ther for rainy day inspiration

  14. Its great to navigate , a the colours are really eye catching . Really nice to find the children’s favourite programmes

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