Win Innocent Five-a-Day Smoothies for your Class

It’s back to school for mostly everyone now and the long, hot summer is over. Well, the one we were dreaming of and didn’t have, at least!

Let’s look forward to winter and hope that next year there will be a summer!

Anyway, that said, are your children dragging their feet already? I kind of feel that way in the morning.

If they are (and you are too) here’s something to cheer them up. I’ve teamed up with Innocent Smoothies to offer one of my lucky readers a chance to win Innocent Smoothies for your class. Yep, you heard it right. If you win, Innocent will send over an Innocent Smoothie for each child in the class.

And these are the newly launched smoothies too. I have it on the best authority (my children) that they are delicious so I’m sure they’ll be a big hit with the school children too.

Besides, wouldn’t it be fun for them to have smoothies instead of milk one day at school?


Here are some facts about the new Smoothies from Innocent-

  • They are a naturally delicious way to get a portion of fruit and veg into your little ones
  • Each smoothie contains one of their 5-a-day
  • With a wide variety of ingredients such as beetroot, carrots, apples and pumpkin, they’re a great way to enjoy lots of different fruits and veg.
  • Crammed full of 100% pure crushed fruit and veg
  • We’re the only kids fruit & veg smoothies on the market and available from all good supermarkets
  • Perfect for lunchboxes


To win, all you need do is enter the giveaway below –

A Class of Innocent 5-A-Day Smoothies

30 thoughts on “Win Innocent Five-a-Day Smoothies for your Class

  1. We took the children to the Pick Your Own places this Summer. We picked fruits and peas and beans – the kids really enjoyed it and loved podding the peas and were happy to try everything.

  2. my kids love their vegetables, but my friends little boy is a nightmare when he stays over…. I make them into smily faces, sunshine shapes, etc …. to make them more fun. He says he doesnt like certain veg but has never even tried them!! so I get him to try a new one each time he comes and he often eats them because MY children are eating them! 🙂

  3. Make soups and smoothies. It’s a good way to get them to eat fruit and veg they wouldn’t normally eat. One of my son’s doesn’t like berries on their own but loves them in a smoothie. All of my children will eat just about any veg when it’s blended into soup!

  4. Make it fun, make fruit kebabs, freeze fruit to put in their drinks as ice cubes. When shopping let them choose which veg they like the look of.

  5. I find my son will try new fruits or veggies if they are arranged attractively in a novelty bowl or on a skewer or something eye-catching.

  6. As regards veg mix it in a spag. Bol or other favourite dish such as a cottage pie; as regards fruit, put it in porridge or a smoothie

  7. we grow some fruit/veg/salad. this year we grew blue potatoes & yellow french beans which made it exciting for the children to try

  8. Make sure there is always plenty lying around of the things they love – mine cannot get enough of grapes and strawberries to much as a treat then carrots and broccoli at tea.

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