Win a Father’s Day Collection of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat

Who doesn’t love chocolate? If you raised your hand then this is not for you – although it still maybe as the prize is not really for you but for your Dad!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it could be a wide scramble to the shops to get something for him. What better than an box of special Father’s day chocolates?


Well you are in luck today – I am giving away a box of Father’s Day Collection from Hotel Chocolat. Now, wouldn’t that be a great present for your Dad?

If you want to win this lovely box of chocolates for your Dad (or yourself?), all you need to do is enter the giveaway below.

All the best!!

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81 thoughts on “Win a Father’s Day Collection of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat

  1. He is a great dad to me and a great grandad to my children! And he has been married to my mum for 45 years so he is a great husband too!

  2. My dad deserves to win this prize…. so he can have his own chocolates and stop stealing my leftover Easter eggs! ;-). x

  3. Because no matter how hard he tries he cannot find a job. He is a great dad and deserves a break.

  4. My dad is sadly no longer with us, but my daughters dad deserves this because he is working so hart ATM 🙂

  5. I had a baby girl 6 weeks ago and my husband has been the best dad either of us could have wished for – he’s even got up for every night feed and fetched her bottle! I’d want this for him x

  6. Because he is always kind and generous- not just to family but to everyone- a real treasure, and always an open heart.

  7. My dad is always there for any of us – even though he has been dealt with a number of hurdles in his own life. My children think he is a Superhero – who always brings chocolate (I think this gift would be perfect for him!)

  8. I love my Dad but he is overweight and diabetic so I am entering because I’d like to win it for me because I adore Hotel Chocolat! I’ll be giving Dad a non edible pressie and a big hug!

  9. He brought my sister and I up alone after our ms died when we were very young. He managed to work full time too. He is brilliant with my toddler, who absolutely adores him.

  10. He’s the best man I know and he loves a bit of chocolate all to himself (after living in a house with 4 women!)

  11. Because even though he adopted me and is not my birth father, he has never treated me any differently

  12. There aren’t sufficient words to describe why my Dad deserves to win, but he’s brilliant and deserves a chocolatey treat.

  13. because i know he will share it with me 😀
    hes an amazing dad and grandad, kind, caring and funny 🙂

  14. My Husband is an amazing Dad and role model to our children, seeing them together makes me miss my Dad so much 🙁

  15. My dad deserves to win this prize because he is always there for me and never asks or expects anything in return. I would be lost without him looking after my cats when I go on holiday. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my little monsters.

  16. His fab all-round ability at a variety of subjects, making him a bit of renaissance man, plus his extraordinary kindness and understanding. He’s the best Dad ever!

  17. Everyone should think that their Dad is the best,
    Standing out as special, above all the rest.
    But I know for sure that the winner is mine,
    Tho he’s no longer here, (A star up in heaven,) forever he’ll he shine…

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