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It’s that time of year when the chilly evenings make you want to cosy up inside in the warmth with the family. You could sit in front of the telly but I think it would be more fun if you got the family together for some game time.

You’re going to love this one –

Rattle Me Bones is a truly ‘booty-ful’ electronic action game. At an RRP £22.99, for ages 5 and up – for 2 to 4 players) it is a thrilling rollick with the scary skeleton of wily ol’ Cap’n Boney himself!

Rattle Me Bones - 3D box and Capn Boney HR

The challenge is for young buccaneers to creep up on him, and with the stealthiest of fingers, try to steal his possessions. There’s a glittering array of ‘spoils’ hanging off his skeleton – including a Dagger, a Sceptre, a Medal, a Gauntlet, a Necklace, a Purse and a Watch. Each child spins the spinner in turn and has to oh-so-carefully remove an item from Captain Boney, matching the colour they have spun.

But Cap’n Boney is determined to hang on to his precious booty come what may! If a player falters or makes a clumsy move, Cap’n Boney rises up, shaking frantically and literally ‘rattling his bones’!

While helping to hone those fine motor skills, develop hand/eye co-ordination and build dexterity, Rattle Me Bones is an immensely entertaining game and guaranteed to provide endless hours of fun for players of all ages.

RattleMeBones 3 kids HR

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Does it sound like something that you and the family would enjoy playing? Then, enter the giveaway below to win it

Rattle Me Bones Game from Drummond Park

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  1. my partner, he’s so compeititve, even with the kids….. he tries so hard that he always loses – ha ha ha!

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