About Wildflowers Set Review

We try to go on a family walk every weekend. Quite often we fail and put it down to the weather. But when the weather is as glorious as it was this Sunday, we usually get up and about.

This weekend though we were on a mission – to find wildflowers. And I’ve never seen the children more enthusiastic about going walking.

We were sent this  About Wildflowers Set from Dylan and Grace to review –

It contains –

  • Mini flower press
  • Plastic tweezers
  • Wildflower factfinder notepad
  • Nature notepad and pencil
  • A Fact sheet
  • Wildflower seeds for your own wildflower meadow

Armed with the wildflower notepad, we went out to search and match what we saw. It was a great walk and we started off by trying to rifle through the notepad and match it but there were way too many to go through so we decided to take photos and come back and match them.

This was so much easier and it also meant that the children could relive the walk.

We saw so many wildflowers along the way.

We will be planting those wildflower seeds too soon and will keep you updated with their progress.

We haven’t tried the flower press yet but will be doing so one of these days as I didn’t want the children to pick any of the flowers from there as they all looked so lovely. Besides, we wanted to make sure that we would be picking the correct ones and not any that caused any allergies etc.

I love the fact sheets that cover so many wildflowers and their names and interesting facts about them.

It was a lovely walk made all the more interesting with the Wildflower set as Aeryn also did some drawings in her notepad.

There were no complaints of walking too far, or too long or getting hungry or tired or thirsty. Why ever did I not think of this before?

The Dylan and Grace About Wildflowers Set is priced at £10 and is available at all major retailers.



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