Wild Pets Spider Review

I’m not phobic about insects and bugs. The children can get a bit crazy around bees a bee! I do not like spiders simply because the webs seem to form awfully fast and results in me having to do a lot of cleaning of cobwebs or risk walking through one.

I’d probably like spiders a lot more if there are no cobwebs to accompany them.

Thankfully I was sent a spider that does not come with cobwebs. Well, not actually for me but the kids.


The Character online brand recently added a spider to the collection and Ethan was thrilled to be sent one to review. Of course, he proceeded to chase the girls with it, but that’s a different story.

The spider we received is called Chiller and is  blue and quite eyecatching and creepy at the same time.



The spider has 3 play modes – creep, explore and attack. In the creep mode, the eyes are blue. In the explore mode the eyes are green and in the attack mode the eyes are red (a very fiery red) and it can look fierce.


It has sensors on it’s back which when touched changes the modes. In the explore mode, the spider tends to just literally explore the room.


Ethan loves the spider and enjoys showing it off to guests!!

It is quite large and it is quite clever as the sensors also ensure that when it meets with an obstacle it will reverse and find another way.

The spider is priced at about £15.99 and there are 4 different styles to collect – Creepster, Wolfgang, Eyegore and Chiller. From the house of Character, the toy is a great quality and will be great for Halloween. I may need some more for the house.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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