Wild Pets Scorpion Review

We have previously reviewed the Wild Pets Spider and Ethan has great fun scaring everyone with it. This time we were sent the Wild Pets Scorpion and he was thrilled. We were sent Claw-pion which is green in colour.


The scorpion is quite realistic and comes with squidgy legs that add to the appeal. You interact with it by touching the sensor on the top of it’s body much like the spider.


If you touch it once it goes into Explore mode where it moves around exploring the area with the lights shining blue. Touch it again and it sends it into creep mode and the lights turn green.  A long touch sends it into Attack mode where it will attack anything in sight and the lights shine red. Leave it alone and it will go into Cage mode and stop moving.


The scorpion comes with LED lights that make it all the more creepy. It is a wild pet after all, so if you are a bit wary of creepy crawlies, this one is just what you need – to send you scurrying to the other side of the room.


Ethan loves it – that’s no surprise. He has great fun with it making his sisters squeal.

There are 4 Wild Pet scorpions to collect – Thorn, Claw-pion, Stingback and Firestruck.

It comes at a price of £12.99 which is pretty good value for money.

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