Wicked Uncle Toy Review

Have your heard of Wicked Uncle? Well, they’re actually not wicked at all. They have a lovely range of gifts for children at affordable prices.

We were asked to choose some products to review from the Wicked Uncle site and believe me, that was a very difficult task because there was such a wide choice.


My little one loves role play and enjoys teaching her dolls. What then could be better than this amazing school set that has over 149 pieces. The set comes in a trifold and contains a calendar, a register, reward charts, certificates, little exercise books,  a board that you can write on and erase, stickers for good behaviour, crayons, a pointer which is seriously cute as it has a little hand at the end and there is also a bell. There are many other bits and bobs that make this set all you ever need for an exciting game of school. It is perfect for sole play or to play with friends.

The set is priced at £27.95 and has provided Aeryn with many hours of fun. She sits there teaching her dolls for hours on end. They do have to watch their p’s and q’s as she is rather a strict teacher. 🙂

The next product I chose was this tiger cub from Living Nature. Ethan is tiger crazy and I knew he would love this. I wasn’t wrong at all. The tiger is gorgeously soft and is quite realistic. It is also a great size. Priced at £12 it is indeed great value for money.

What I like about Wicked Uncle is that you can check for suggestions quickly according to age and gender. There is also so much choice from different brands.

If you are searching for a gift for your child or niece or nephew or godchild, be sure to check out Wicked Uncle. You’ll definitely find something you like.

I was given a voucher code to spend at Wicked Uncle. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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