Why we’re wild about the Letts Wild About Series

I think my children sometimes (always) dislike the fact that I am a teacher. The correcting comes naturally to me and they have to do homework – set by me!

I am always on the look out for workbooks that can help to support schoolwork. I find workbooks so much more fun than writing out in a normal notebook.


We were asked if we would like to review the Wild About series and since I normally look at  Letts when I am purchasing books, I jumped at the offer.

I really liked this series and Jadyn loves working with them. Since it is tandem with the curriculum, she comes home and works out the topic she has covered in school. Everything is very well explained and I don’t need to sit with her and tell her what to do.

I find that the books reinforce the learning from school.


The books are colourful and have interesting facts about wild life to make them even more interesting.


The Explorer’s Logbook at the end is a brilliant idea as it lets the child document what she has completed and also whether she needs more practice. As a parent that helps to know her strengths and weaknesses.

We were sent 9 books –

  • Age 9 -10 Maths
  • Age 9 – 11 Maths Arithmetic
  • Age 9 – 11 Maths Problem Solving and Reasoning
  • Age 10 – 11 Maths
  • Age 9 – 11 English Reading Comprehension
  • Age 9 – 11 English Spelling
  • Age 9 – 10 English
  • Age 9 – 11 English Grammar and Punctuation
  • Age 10 – 11 English

I think that the Letts Wild About perfect for children to improve their KS2 maths and English skills and learn new facts. It helps with their reading and knowledge.  They motivate children to learn at home and achieve better results in school work.

If you want to know more about Letts Wild About, including weird and wonderful animal facts and free activity sheets visit  www.wildaboutmathsandenglish.co.uk

Here is a video where Jadyn will tell you what she likes about the books –

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