Why we love the Britain’s Big Farm Toy Range – A Review

I like taking children to farms and museums to get a hands on experience of what goes on there. There are some children that think milk comes from the supermarket (which though not entirely being wrong is not really the source).

Ethan had just visited a farm on a school trip and had a lovely day out. The highlight of the day was meeting a pig called Harry Trotter. 😉

When we were sent these farm toys from Big Farm from TOMY, to review soon after, I was pretty pleased as besides being lovely toys, I was able to reinforce what he had learned on his school trip and discuss farms and what happens there.

big farm

I was sent these lovely products from Big Farm. Ethan was most taken with the Land Rover Defender  and even more so because it makes these lovely sounds and….the headlights come on.

big farm 2

The Land Rover Defender is very much like the real thing. Sturdy and strong looking as well as having a removable cover, it has a lot of attention to detail down to the little steps on either side of the doors. It is also quite large without being too large for little hands.It makes this starting sound and it also has a licence plate.

It would have been nice to have had the doors opening. Although on the other hand I can quite understand that this would be a problem with the doors coming off the hinges. Of course, there is ample space to put a driver and passenger in from the windshield area. It retails at £22.99 and is great value for money considering the quality of the product.

big farm 5

We were also sent 3 horses with riders and this adds to the entire farm setting. The riders cannot be removed from the horses so you have to play with them as such. Great when you need to go for a ride on the farm.

big farm 3The trailer is suitable for the horses. It has a double door/gate at the back which again is very similar to real trailers for horses. It is rather nice and you can see that it is a quality product. It was a little disappointing though that the trailer didn’t fit onto the Defender so we really couldn’t get much play with it. It fixes loosely so we managed to attach it to the back and pull it along. It must definitely fit with other Big Farm products.

All in all, I think the range is lovely and there is lots to choose from – tractors, implements and vehicles.

If you have farm crazy children, it is definitely worth having a look at the range of toys. It would be nice to tie in a visit to a farm too.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above 3 products for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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2 thoughts on “Why we love the Britain’s Big Farm Toy Range – A Review

  1. What a lovely set of toys! My daughter is a bit of a country kid and loves tractors, trailers and all the trimmings so these would be perfect for her. I’ll have to bookmark the range for a future birthday or Christmas!

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