Why Should You Own A Subaru? A Look Into What Makes A Subaru Special

If you have been thinking about diving into the world of owning a Subaru, there are probably many reasons that draw you in. With its stylish design, a huge following, and models to fit just about ‘anyone’s lifestyle, Subaru is in a league of its own. This ‘isn’t a bad thing either.

Those that own or have owned one exclaim that the driving experience is like nothing ‘they’ve driven before, in a positive way. Most that purchase a Subaru, whether new or used, become passionate about their cars and ‘wouldn’t want to own any other make. To understand why, ‘let’s take a look at some of the features Subaru brings to the table, that the competition still has yet to duplicate.

The Boxer Engine

If there was one glaring difference between Subarus and other cars on the market, it is their well-executed boxer engines. These are known for their reliability and performance. The only other car manufacturer to share the boxer design is Porsche.

The boxer engine isn’t an inline, or V-shaped design. Instead, it uses a horizontally-opposed flat engine. The benefits of this design include less vibrations and more comfort while driving. Because the engines are very different than that of the inline and V-shaped, working on it requires a skilled, certified technician. To learn more about servicing your Subaru, visit http://m45autoserviceauburn.com/subaru-service-roseville/.  

The Famous All Wheel Drive System

Many cars on the market offer AWD systems. It’s a fantastic asset to have. With all-wheel drive, you can take your auto pretty much anywhere you would like to go. Vehicles, like Subaru that utilize the AWD components, have better traction and safely handle the road during inclement weather.

What sets ‘Subaru’s all-wheel-drive system apart from other manufacturers attempt at AWD is the symmetrical all-wheel drive. Instead of an adapted version of a two-wheel drive system, the symmetrical AWD is an entirely different beast. It supplies linear power to all four wheels, preventing torque steer. The AWD system is always on, unlike other car brands that have part-time systems. What does this mean for your driving experience? When going around turns, you ‘won’t lose any of the power. It also increases the balance and the control you have on the road.


When It Comes To Safety-Subaru Is On Top

Safety is always a concern for drivers. When you hear about the statistics of accidents, its a fair assumption you want to be in the safest ride possible. Subaru out does themselves on every model they produce. It ‘doesn’t matter if you buy a Forrester or an Impreza; every one of their cars features the latest technology for providing the safest driving experience to their car owners.

While ‘Subaru’s offer these fantastic characteristics, they do require the same maintenance like every other car on the road. But when adequately cared for, Subarus will last well over 100k-miles, and do so with performance, attractive styling, and features, while maintaining their value. Following ‘Subaru’s recommended maintenance schedule will keep yours on the road for many miles to come.


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