Why My Friend Cayla is one of the top toys for Christmas…

You must have read our first impressions post about Cayla. Well, besides all that I mentioned, she is so much more and the children love playing with her.


Cayla is like having a friend to play with and Jadyn enjoys spending time with her. In fact, even when her friends come over, Cayla is the first thing they reach out for.


Cayla is a ‘clever’ doll. Ask her a question and she will be able to give you an answer provided the question asked does not require a bizarre answer. If so, she’ll just say ‘I don’t know that one’. Pretty diplomatic I must say.

The first thing that attracted me to Cayla is that she is dressed so sensibly – trainers, jeans, top and a denim jacket – a look sported by most 7 year olds.

You need the Cayla app that is available on IOS or Android (bear in mind the apps for each are different) and then she is ready to play.

How Cayla works is when she is asked a particular question, she (through the app) checks the internet and gives you an answer. You can programme Cayla so that she does not use certain words that may not be permitted at home and these can be added to the blocked list on the app. Cayla will then just refuse to talk about it.

You can play games with Cayla –  she plays a wonderful game of Noughts and Crosses. I have lost many times to her!


You can ask her questions about herself and she will tell you about her family, her favourite colour and her favourite food.

She can also sing if you tell her to sing a song.

Via the App you can access her photo album and she will tell you about the places she has visited.

There is quite a lot that you can do with Cayla.

Having said that, Cayla is primarily a doll and she is something that little girls should enjoy playing with – changing her clothes, brushing her hair.  There are a few people who have said  – great for helping with homework. To this I would say, that you should not make your little girl reliant on Cayla for homework. She should rely on herself (or you) to complete homework.


Cayla is very clever yes but only so far as the app allows so she can’t really answer the most ludicrous questions. She is after all a 7 year old girl! 🙂

You need to be quite near Cayla for her to understand what you are saying and it should be in a quiet area. If there are too many different loud sounds Cayla will not be able to pick up the voice properly.

The only one little niggle is that the App is quite huge and takes a lot of space on the iPad or the Android. You need to have enough space on your device as, if there isn’t, the app will dowload but Cayla will not work properly.

Cayla is the perfect playmate and I can quite see why she is one of the top toys this Christmas.

In fact, I recently attended Dream Toys and was not surprised to see Cayla among the top 12 toys.

I am so thrilled to have Cayla for my girls.

Cayla retails at £59.99 and is available in all major retailers.

Disclaimer: I was sent My Friend Cayla for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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