Why my 8-year old daughter likes PktMny



I love PktMny and the concept behind it as you will probably know if you have read my other posts but what does my daughter think of it? The card and the account is after all hers. Jadyn is 8 years old and is learning the value of money. There has been a positive change in her saving and spending behavior and she’s learning about budgeting and earning money.

I decided to do a quick interview with her to find out her “ifs” and “buts” and she normally has many!

 Me: Do you save money?

Jadyn: Yes I do.

Me: And what do you do with it?

Jadyn: I give it to mom to put into my PktMny account?

Me: What is a PktMny account?

Jadyn: It is an online account! My mum pays my weekly pocket money into my PktMny account.

Me: Do you like this account? Why?

Jadyn: I love it because I get to have a proper Visa card that I can use online and in the shops. It is also nice to see my money growing every month and I don’t have to sit and count coins that my sister can put in her mouth. (With the PktMny account, Jadyn received a PktMny Pre-paid Debit Card that I have control over with regards to spending limits, where it can be used and she can never go overdrawn and there are no overdraft fees to worry about)

 Me: Have you used your card?

Jadyn: I have, with mums help. We bought something for dad for his birthday. Mum taught me to enter the card details and I learnt about CVV codes (puts on a very grown up face)

 Me: Did you think it was easy?

Jadyn: Yes it was. I can do it myself but mum wont let me.

(Not till you are a teenager)

Me: Do you like the idea of tasks?

Jadyn: Yes, my mum has put on chores for me to do, that I have to complete to earn money. I like being able to ‘earn’ my own money and I do extra chores around the house and earn some ‘overtime’!!

Me: What are you going to spend your money on next?

Jadyn: I am going to get my little sister a Peppa Pig toy because she loves Peppa Pig.

 Me: Do you think your friends would like PktMny?

Jadyn: Definitely! Especially the card!


I do not give Jadyn much control over the card, for the obvious reason that she is a bit too young to use the card as she hardly goes out alone with friends. I use PktMny to teach Jadyn about money and how to save and budget. It is also a great tool for learning about earning money and she is now more careful with her spending and likes to see her money being saved.


I think that it is really a great concept for our family and slightly older children who move around with friends. The fact that a parent can set spending limits and choose where the card can be used is great so one does not have to worry about overspending. Plus it’s really easy for me to manage her pocket money and tasks each week!



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions and ideas expressed are my own.

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