Why I still like PktMny after 7 months use


I had an opportunity to join and test PktMny when it was in the Beta stage through Britmums and was certainly pleased that I was chosen to be a part of it.

Now 7 months down the line, I am still very happy to be a part of this project.

What is PktMny?

PktMny helps to teach children to save and earn money. It involves signing up for a parent account and a child account that is controlled completely by the parent. By this I mean that as a parent, you are able to decide how much a child gets per week/month as pocket money, set limits on how much can be spent online and offline (at retailers and cash machines) and to give out money as earning for jobs done. Your child gets a visa card that is valid anywhere Visa is accepted, both online and offline.

It also enables you to add relatives to the account so instead of your child getting presents that they never use, they can have money towards goals that they may have or are saving for.

I set up a PktMny account for my 8 year old daughter. She had a money box at home before this and I would give her money for little tasks done so she could feel she was earning it. She was exceptionally pleased to get money for a task well done. Now with PktMny, things are a little different. I set up the tasks assigned to her and when she completes them, she marks it as so in her account and then I go and top up her account accordingly.

She loves to be able to see her money steadily increasing as days go by and has more incentive to do her chores properly. What she likes about the account is that she has a card (it makes her feel really grown up), she is able to see – in numbers, how much money she has in comparison to sitting and counting out her money each time, and being able to set up a wish list so I know exactly what she wants for birthdays, Christmas etc.

I really enjoy using the PktMny website and find it really easy to use. It was a breeze to join up as the site is quite user friendly. I had my daughter’s card within 3 – 5 days and I just had to activate it online, no need to call any numbers and the like. I set limits on her card so she cannot overspend. Of course in this case it is just a precaution as I do not allow my 8 year old to use the card on her own.


Child Limits

However, I have let her get some knowledge about how the card works and she has made some online purchases with me beside her, guiding her. I think it is important for children to get an idea early on in life about money as it is very important in the present economic climate and through PktMny, I have been able to teach her how to earn and save her money. She is also learning about money as part of her school curriculum so she is able to add and subtract money on her account and very often decides not to purchase something when she sees how much will be coming out of her account.

I feel PktMny is great for teenagers who spend online or spend when out with friends. It is also safe as there is no need to carry cash and as mentioned before, since there is a limit set by the parent there is no worry of your child going overboard.

I hope that more parents will take advantage of this great experience and sign up
. At the moment PktMny are offering a free 3 month trial period so there is no time like the present to sign up.


PktMny’s children’s account costs £1.97 a month and offers free cash withdrawals. There is no joining fee, no charge to load funds using a standing order or bank transfer and no overdraft.



Disclosure: This post was sponsored by PktMny. But I only recommend services and products that I like using and that will be good for my readers.


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