Why I have renewed my promise to read my children a bedtime story…

In my rushing around to complete household chores at night and trying hard to get back to my computer to blog –  I realise I have been missing out on something very important  – reading them a bedtime story.

I do read to them especially when it is a new book that has been delivered to the house but I have to admit I have not been doing the bedtime bit. I tuck them up but no story. It always seems so rushed.

Today since we were sent a new book to review, I decided to keep it for bedtime.

I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to cuddle up and read a story together – and when I say cuddle, it is more like a fall on top of each other, group bear hug, as each of them wants to peer into the book and look at the pictures.

I had forgotten how relaxing it can be for me and them as we read through the book and talk about things, laugh at the funny bits and skip parts that we find boring.

It was nice to switch off all technology for a little while and read a story.

It is the one time that the children don’t argue and they listen intently.

I also remember my mother reading to me and how I loved to hear her ‘nice reading voice’ as I called it. I remember cuddling up to her in the same fashion. Those were special moments that I will always treasure.

When I first became a mum, I promised myself I would read to my children and I have renegaded on that.

Today I renew that promise

…because I want to keep them interested in books and reading

…because it is a beautiful way to end the day

… because I want that super crushed cuddle

…because I want my children to remember my ‘nice reading voice’ as fondly as I remember my Mum’s!

…because I want them to remember these special moments and treasure them.


8 thoughts on “Why I have renewed my promise to read my children a bedtime story…

  1. Jess, thank you for sharing this. It resonates so deeply with me. Time to put the bedtime reading back into my schedule. Time to remind myself again about that beautiful poem “Slow down Mummy”.

    1. Yes, Chris life gets so busy at times and I pack them off to bed but will make a conscious effort to read every night. Its the best part of the day! 🙂

    1. It is a nice way to unwind before falling asleep, isn’t it? And the children also kind of look forward to bedtime because they know they are going to get a story.

    1. I think all Mums at some stage are as there never seem to be enough hours in the day. Thanks for joining me in the promise. 🙂 xx

    1. Advent books – we love them. I love the run upto Christmas and our favourite book is The Night Before Christmas. 🙂

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