Why I am looking to upgrade my video camera of 10 years

Videos are the best way of preserving memories. I can quite see myself surrounded by the children and their families, watching videos of when they were young and laughing about the silly things we did and how we looked.

I have to say that while writing this, I realise that I do not have as many videos of the children as I would like to have. I had a Panasonic video camera when Jadyn was young (we bought it so we could record all the lovely moments – her first steps, her first spoon of solid food, days out.) It was one of those cameras that needed a disc in to record. I now have quite a number of discs at home but I find it quite tiresome  as it takes up a whole lot of space. Also, the discs, were quite expensive at that time to buy.

Now, that camera is relegated to the back of a cupboard and I haven’t used it for years. Firstly, I don’t take as many videos as I did when Jadyn was little and secondly, if I do take videos I do it on my phone.

However, I am beginning to see the need for a good video camera as I want to record those precious moments spent with family. Life is too short.

I have been looking around for video cameras and having had such a good experience with Panasonic, I visited their website to see what they had in store. Boy, have cameras changed since I had mine (it was 10 years ago). I have looked around at quite a few but the 4K range from Panasonic has definitely caught my eye.

The brand new Panasonice 4K cameras look amazing. With wide angle Leica lens, 20 x optical zoom, steady shot, HDR videos and the ability to take out 8MP photos from the video coverage, I think this is just what I need to record a lifetime of memories.

Don’t just take my word for it as I may be biased. Why don’t you take a look for yourself?


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