Why Chesterfields are gaining popularity the world over…



What’s so great about a  British Chesterfield Sofa? Why does everyone dream of owning one?

The Chesterfield is synonymous with British elegance and charm. These sofas are distinctive in their appearance as they are deep buttoned with the back and the arms having the same height. Normally made of leather, these sofas reek opulence and style

Nowadays the Chesterfield, while still keeping to its original design, has come a long way in terms of comfort. It is padded to a high degree giving the sofa a comfortable feel while still maintaining its antique look. As an alternative to leather these Chesterfield sofas are now made in luxurious fabrics like velvet. The Chesterfield, the world over, is synonymous with British heritage and history and perhaps it is for this reason that it is widely coveted. People all over the world would love to own this piece of history.

It is obvious that when purchasing a piece of furniture you would go for something that is comfortable and adds value to your home design. This is where the Chesterfield fulfils. Its low cushioned seat and its arm rest and back rest create a wonderful support for the back. Plus, being a classic piece of furniture, one does not need to worry about it going out of style.

Chesterfield1 (1)

In keeping with the times, the Chesterfield has undergone many changes and while the traditional leather Chesterfield is still popular, it is now incorporating a modern touch. Today the Chesterfield is available in so many different fabrics and patterns. It has now evolved to keep up with the times and today Chesterfields can be made to order in a variety of fabrics to suit contemporary furniture and interior design. The old fashioned Chesterfield is probably more suited to the library in your home.

Somehow Chesterfields remind me of Sherlock Holmes, Wuthering Heights and Royalty. I think the leather Chesterfield would make my home seem a bit staid and old fashioned.  But if I could change the look as in – use fabrics or velvet to suit my decor and make it a bit brighter, I would probably own one. Since they are handcrafted, these sofas are more or less one of a kind. Add your own particular fabric and colour and you have a bespoke piece of furniture that never goes out of style.

The Chesterfield is fast gaining popularity in South East Asian countries and to keep up with the modern homes the Chesterfield is reinventing itself to support fabrics and brighter designs. Leather is also not the best option in these countries because of the weather.

If you (like me) would like to own one of these beautiful pieces of history, you can shop online at www. Britishchesterfieldsofas.com They ship worldwide too.

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