Who’s Your Favourite Disney Character?

What Your Favourite Disney Character Says About You

Adult life is all about making difficult decisions, but perhaps the most difficult decision to make of all is choosing what your favourite Disney character is. Jim Shore Disney Traditions (see the website: jimshoredesigns.co.uk) are dedicated to bringing your favourite Disney characters to life. But which characters are guaranteed to make you raise a smile? Do you swoon at the sight of the Disney princesses, or guffaw at the comedy characters such as the Genie? Here’s what your favourite Disney character says about you:


Stitch is an alien from outer space who has a destructive personality, until he is calmed by ‘Ohana’ and the love of his adoptive family. If your favourite character is Stitch then you are cheeky and unpredictable. People might not always understand you, but you have a heart of gold and you will do anything for the people that you love. The Jim Shore Disney Stitch figurine represents everything that is cute and quirky about this funny little guy, and is the perfect choice if Stitch is your favourite character.


Aladdin sings that he can ‘show you the world’ which makes him the perfect character for global travellers who love to explore the world and try new things. If your favourite character is Aladdin, then this is a sign that you have an adventurous spirit and a real zest for life. You love to explore new friends and enjoy the company of your friends, which is why you make friends easily (with both blue Genie’s and monkeys, alike). Above all, Aladdin fans are true romantics at heart: they just want to be swept up on a carpet full of way and fly off into the blue with their soulmate.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is the icon of forever children, and if he’s your favourite character then it’s likely that you won’t ever want to grow up. It’s likely that you’ll be a free spirit with a love of new adventures. A natural leader, people are drawn to your child-like personality and, because your unpredictable, can’t wait to see what you do next.

Princess Elsa

Are you known for your cool, calm and icy exterior? Do you have an inner princess just waiting to burst through? If your favourite character is Princess Elsa then you’ll know that when people dig below your surface a little they’ll find a heart of gold. Your generous and loyal to your friends, incredibly protective of your family, and prepared to sacrifice your own happiness for the greater good. Elsa fans aren’t afraid of the cold (it never bothered them anyway) and look great in princess blue.


Do you have an affinity for the villains rather than their saccharine princess enemies? If Maleficent is your favourite Disney character then it’s likely that people will find you scary and intimidating. You might not be naturally likeable, but you sure know how to make an entrance. At your heart, you’re misunderstood. After all, Maleficent only wanted to be invited to the party and made a few bad choices when she got angry! If Maleficent is your favourite character then it’s likely that you’ll have an incredible sense of style and a truly wicked personality.

Mary Poppins

She’s practically perfect in every way, and if Mary Poppins is your favourite character then it’s likely that your competent, clever, and wise beyond your years. Like Mary you’re incredibly level-headed, but you also inspire joy in others. You love to spend time with children and take great joy in using your imagination. People gravitate towards you, and are attracted to your calm confidence and your fun personality.

Mickey Mouse

Is there any Disney character more classic and well-known than Mickey Mouse? He’s the original, and the best! If Mickey Mouse is your favourite character then it’s likely that, like him, you’re classic and timeless. People are attracted to your confidence and you’re a natural leader. Amongst your friendship group, people look to you to organise fun get-togethers and you make friends everywhere you go.


If your favourite character is gender-hiding fierce and ferocious princess Mulan then it’s likely that you’re a strong and confident woman. You’re a force of nature who knows what you want, and you won’t give up until you get it. You’re not opposed to bending the rules, you have your own unique sense of style, and you won’t conform just to fit in.

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