Who’s Behind the Door? The entertaining board game from Spinmaster

I like board games – they have a great way of bringing the family together and also ensure that the children have forgotten about all the techno gadgets they are hooked on.

When the board game is something that involves fun and giggles and also using your brains, I am even happier  to have it at home.

This time, we received a game called ‘Who’s Behind the Door’ from Spinmaster Toys.


If you have played Guess Who – this is slightly similar but so much more fun for children as it is simple, straighfoward and has characters from Monsters University.

The box includes –

  • A door stand
  • A door
  • A wall
  • A game board
  • 16 monster cards
  • 32 tokens or counters
  • A label sheet

The game is really easy to set up as the wall fits into the game board really nicely.


You start by picking up a monster card and inserting it into your side of the door and your opponent does the same.


All you do now is ask some intelligent questions that can only be answered by ‘yes’ or ‘no’  and you use the tokens to eliminate the monsters on your side of the game board. As you narrow it down, you can guess who the other person’s monster is.


The trick is to ask questions that can eliminate a vast majority of monsters.

Its target age is 6+ but Ethan joins in quite easily and enjoys playing it.

It is a good quality game as expected from Spinmaster and which child will not enjoy the Monsters from Monsters University? It is also a game that does not take long to finish so the children love to play it and do not get bored easily.

I think it is a great game that involves fun and using your brain too. It is ideal for those cold days when you may be stuck inside and of course all the other days in between.

It is priced at £16.99 and is available at all major toy retailers.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above board game to review. All opinions are my own.

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