Who’s afraid of the Bogeyman?

Its almost Halloween – witches, spiders, monsters, the Bogeyman – things most people fear – but have you ever considered this?


Who’s afraid of the Bogeyman?

You and I and us.

He stalks his prey by day or night

And leaves behind a fuss.

He’s the man in the park,

The stranger next door,

The shadow that hides by day.

The lady that has that strange look in her eye,

The person you meet on your way.

You see him in every harsh word,

You see him through your tears,

He’s there in every cruel act,

He’s there in all your fears.

He’s the person you’ve known

For all of your life

But turns on you each day;

And even though you fear him

You cannot run away.

He’s the person who abuses you,

The guy who makes you cry,

He strikes with all his harshest words

He kills and walks on by.

He’s You when you are hurtful,

When you make others cry,

He’s you when you strike with all your might,

With little thought of why?

He’s you when you humiliate

A person loved by you;

He’s everything you’ve always hated –

Yet continue to do.

You see him all around you

And you know him thus…

Who then is the Bogeyman?

You and I and Us.

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