Whittards of Chelsea Tea and Hot Chocolate Review

All of us love waking up to a cuppa and what better way to do it than with Whittards.

Whittards of Chelsea is a household name in the UK with 125 years of innovative blends of teas, coffees and hot chocolate.

I was sent some delightful products to review from Whittard of Chelsea –  Breakfast Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Luxury White Hot Chocolate.

The Breakfast Earl Grey tea is absolutely lovely. It is very refreshing. Strong in flavour, the bergamot fragrance adds that special touch to the mornings. It tastes great with or without milk. I am not an avid tea drinker but definitely looked forward to this cuppa.

The Earl Grey is a blend of black tea, Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas.

The English Breakfast tea is a full bodied tea with a great colour and taste. It is strong and rich and combines different blend to bring out the best in taste. It is a great start to the day. The taste is familiar and yet so much more satisfying.

This is also a blend of different teas – Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan.

The Organic Green Tea is light tea which is refreshing and comes from two highland regions of Sri Lanka. A brilliant yellow gold colour, it is a kind of tea that you can drink at any time of the day. At the same time you must remember that green tea is great for you. Very relaxing – this tea has slowly become a favourite tea before bedtime.


The Luxury White Hot Chocolate was enjoyed by all the family. We are great fans of hot chocolate and had never tasted the white chocolate before. This is so creamy and indulgent. The kids love it too but I save it for myself mostly.  Great for a treat – it is a taste of chocolate heaven in a cup!
Whittards has now extended their line to wonderful teasets and China and even confectionery.

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