When sudden expenses crop up

Have you ever had one of those months? You the one – when every appliance and your car seem to break down at the same time? And just when you need it the most. Okay so I may be exaggerating a little bit – not every appliance. But, you know what I mean, don’t you?

I remember a few years ago, we were all set to go on a short trip and we suddenly realised that we needed to get the MOT done on the car. I hate MOTs. They always involve a whole lot of expense that you cannot really force because obviously for you, the car is running and that’s all you need. Broken parts that don’t really affect the running of the car (in my eyes) don’t really need repairing. But try telling that to the people who check your car.

So, back to where we were. We gave in the car for MOT and we told that we had some things to fix that amounted to about £600. Now that is not really a small amount when you are about to go on a short trip and this is something that we had definitely not catered for. Luckily we managed to sort things out but it was a right pain in the neck as we had to cough up money that we could have otherwise spent on our trip to do a little more sightseeing.

When problems like this arise be it a car breakdown or an appliance and you’re stuck for money it’s probably best to take a short term loan. Companies like Vivus provide loans from £100 – £300 which are great for unexpected expenses. In fact, Which recently mentioned that unauthorised overdrafts are more expensive than short term loans.

Of course you must be aware that short term loans should be exactly that – short term. You must be responsible when it comes to borrowing and be able to pay back sums borrowed. Short terms loans help out when you have to bridge the gap between an unexpected expense and pay day so that when you get paid, you can repay the loan.

Have you ever been a position where you’ve had an unexpected expense?

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