When Life Throws You a Curve Ball…

…You Swing with It

Last week I wrote about secondary schools and my daughter getting the school that was third on our list. I also wrote how we had decided not to pursue the other two schools and indeed I didn’t. I didn’t even send in the form to the first school to keep her on their waiting list.

With regards the second school, I had given up hope given that we are quite a distance away and it is not even in our borough.

And then, the email that put us back to where we started.

An email informing me that my daughter had been offered a place in the school that was second on her list.

An excellent school. A specialist Maths school. A school where my daughter would be challenged.

A school where I knew she would excel.

A school – about 6 miles away.

That’s where we stumbled. We spent the last few days thinking and rethinking. Checking the internet with a fine tooth comb -league tables, reviews, ranking.

And we almost decided to stick to our original decision.

But then, we decided to search some more. To talk to people and most told me I would be foolish to refuse.

I personally thought it would be selfish to refuse.

Because, a school far away meant that we, as a family would have to make sacrifices – wake up early, maybe drive her to school (although it is just one bus journey away even though it will take about 45 minutes) and WORRY.

Worry if she is late or held up.

But this still didn’t stop us from deciding to take this school with excellent academic and all round development. A school that would give her that extra edge.

A renowned school that would be great on her CV.

A school where she would achieve her goals and maximise her potential.

A school that she is thrilled to have got into and is really happy to go to.

And at the end of the day – that’s what matters. Her happiness.

So, when life threw us a curve ball -we swung with it!

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