When I grow up…

As a parent, there are always dreams that you have for your children. The most common, I suppose, is what they will be when they grow up.

My elder daughter would like to be a fashion designer and my son wants to be an astrophysicist!! I do hope their dreams come true.

Mothercare has launched it ‘Born To’ range and has researched into what the top jobs for children are –


– Doctor tops dream job list for children –


Research released today reveals that the top job this generation’s children want to be when they grow up is a doctor, compared to a teacher which was the most sought after career when their parents were young.


To mark the launch of its ‘Born To’ range for Save the Children,  Mothercare, the UK’s leading parenting and baby specialist, asked over 1,000 UK children what they dream of becoming when they grow up.


Due to the popularity of dance shows like ‘Got to Dance’ and Strictly Come Dancing’, today’s children are twice as likely to want to be a dancer than their parents, with ‘dancer’ now featuring in the top 5 most popular jobs for children.
Boys are dreaming of becoming the next Billy Elliot, with dance ranking in the tops three for boys – over fireman or policeman. Comparatively, footballer takes a top three position for girls, likely to be due to the recent success of the women’s football team in the Olympics.
Despite the rise in popularity of celebrities and reality TV stars, children would rather become a doctor or a teacher (17%) than a celebrity and reality TV star (1%). When asked what was the most important aspect of a job the majority of children (34 per cent) stated ‘having fun’ and ‘helping others’ (20 per cent) was more important than being rich (18 per cent) or famous (3 per cent).


Top 10 for children:
Doctor (9%)
Footballer (8%)
Teacher (8%)
Dancer (6%)
Police officer (5%)
Firefighter (4%)
Scientist (4%)
Musician (4%)
Actor (2%)
Nurse (2%)


Top 5 for boys:
Doctor (11%)
Footballer (10%)
Dancer (8%)
Teacher (6%)
Police officer (6%)


Top 5 for girls:
Doctor (8%)
Teacher (8%)
Footballer (7%)
Dancer (5%)
Police officer (5%)


Top 5 jobs parents wanted to be when they were young Teacher (9%) Nurse (7%) Doctor (5%) Lawyer (4%) Police Officer (4%)


The ‘Born To’ range is a new clothing collection aimed at babies and children age 0 to 8 years.  For every item sold, which includes baby-grows, bibs, t-shirts and sleepsuits, Mothercare will donate £1 to Save the Children, helping to raise vital funds to give children the chance to fulfil their potential, no matter where they’re born or whatever their circumstances.


Available in store and online, the new collection launches today and features colourful designs with playful slogans including Born to Smile, Born to be Cute, Born to be a Star, Born to Dream, Born to Snooze and many more, perfect for children who are already showing their parents what they are ‘Born to Be’.


Jude Bridge, Brand & Marketing Director at Mothercare comments “At Mothercare we think every child deserves to achieve their dreams and grow up healthy, happy and safe but unfortunately, not all children get the opportunity to do what they were born to do. We’re delighted to announce the launch of the first ‘Born to’ range at Mothercare where £1 from every item will go support Save the Children’s life-changing work here in the UK and around the world. We want to celebrate the potential of every child, and promote the positive message that every child is born to be fulfill their potential”.


Douglas Rouse, Corporate Partnerships Director at Save the Children comments “Mothercare and Save the Children are committed to giving children the best chances in life. For this reason, we launched Born to Care, our global charity partnership. Together we aim to raise £1.75 million to help ensure that no child is born to die. More than £1.2million has been raised by Mothercare staff and customers in the last two years and we hope the fantastic new ‘Born To’ collection will help us reach our target and continue to support children in the UK and around the world.”

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