What’s it like in Heaven, Mum?


What’s it like in Heaven, Mum?

Tell me, I’d sure like to know;

Is it pretty and peaceful and calming?

Among clouds white as snow?

Are there seraphims, angels and cherubs

All living side by side?

Is there happiness, love and laughter?

With nothing at all to hide?

It’s not like down here, is it Mum?

Where people are always mean

They hurt and kill each other

And love is seldom seen.

Earths changed so much since you left,Mum

The skies are mostly grey

And I miss you every day, Mum.

Why did you go away?

I’m scared that I will forget, Mum

The memories of our days

Spent so happy together

And be sucked into earth’s wicked ways.

We need some heaven on earth Mum

For people to change how they are,

We need someone to remind us:

We need to follow a star.

Shower down love from heaven

So people know how it can be –

To be loving and giving and happy

And they really begin to see –

The blindness that they have been struck with

To ignore another in pain,

And the only light that shines in their eyes

Is the light of their own gain.

We need some heavenly goodness

That you had so much in you,

Perhaps that’s why my world has changed

And I sometimes feel so blue.

We need more angels like you Mum

To show us that life’s too short

To carry a grudge, to carry a frown

While dealing with ones own lot.

When will earth be like heaven?

When will we ever learn?

To trust, to give with all our hearts

When will we take the turn –

To be a better person?

To know each one’s worth?

To enjoy a bit of heaven

And make a Heaven on earth.


It is coming up to a year on the 8th of September since I lost my Mum and I still miss her presence everyday. She was a person who added to making a heaven on earth and this poem is dedicated to her

Copyright Jacinta 2013



11 thoughts on “What’s it like in Heaven, Mum?

    1. Thanks Stephanie. I did remember happy times but it was hard. Somehow when an anniversary comes up it brings back the fact that the person is no more.

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