What’s Isofix? Britax Tells All in the New Video

Isofix? What’s that? Is it super glue?

To be honest, when I first heard of Isofix, I didn’t really know what it was. No, I didn’t think it was glue! But I had to read up on it especially as our previous card didn’t have it. Do you know what Isofix is? If not read on…

With many parents confused by the technical language used within the car seat market, Britax steps in to simplify the subject with new video


An eye opening forty four percent of parents across Europe have either never heard the term ISOFIX or have a limited understanding of its benefits*. In a sea of complicated explanations available to parents, Britax, a global leader in child safety, has created a compelling and explanatory video to highlight the importance and simplicity of ISOFIX as a car seat installation system. 

Child car seats that are incorrectly installed are a major contributor to child injuries in car accidents and the ISOFIX technology aims to combat this problem. The new tongue-in-cheek video demonstrates that ISOFIX is in fact so simple to operate that even a child is able to explain it!

The video focuses on two seven year old boys sitting in the back seat of a stationary car – one of the boys is an ‘experienced big brother’ and an expert, with younger siblings of his own, while the other has a sibling on the way. The experienced older brother is confident and knowledgeable about all things a big brother needs to know, including ISOFIX, and provides informative and helpful advice to his friend who is taking his upcoming role as a responsible older sibling very seriously.

 Mark Bennett, Child Safety Expert at Britax, commented: “Britax always strives to support parents through the innovative design of their products, that’s why we want to continue spreading the word about ISOFIX. ISOFIX is an incredibly safe, quick and easy to use system that simplifies the busy lives of mums and dads and gives them the confidence to install their child seats in an intuitive way.”

Since the invention of ISOFIX by Britax in collaboration with VW in 1997, ISOFIX has become a global standard for securing car seats in vehicles, safely and easily. The anchoring system creates a solid and secure connection between the child seat and the vehicle’s chassis, allowing quick and easy installation and removal of the seat – all for the enhanced safety of children.

Additional research conducted by The German Insurance Institute GDV shockingly found that only thirty percent of car seats are installed correctly when using an adult seatbelt, compared to ninety six per cent when using ISOFIX in Group 1 car seats. With the law stating that all new cars since 2007 offer ISOFIX attachment possibilities, it is more important than ever for parents to understand the benefits of the ISOFIX system. 

Britax is dedicated to making life easier for parents when deciding what car seats are right for them. Their online Fit Finder tool assists consumers in identifying the right car seat for their particular needs, allowing parents to narrow their search by the age and weight of their child, as well as the make, model and year of the vehicle. The Britax Fit Finder will inform users of the approved seat positions within the vehicle for their Britax car seat, and also the seat installation method – be it ISOFIX, ISOFIT or via the car seat belt.

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