What to expect in your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer

So, you’ve been injured. You’re in pain, you’re angry, you’re worried about your future and your finances. It’s usually at this point when many victims seek the guidance of a personal injury lawyer. Someone who will take them through this difficult time and will give them reassurance whilst explaining to them the process.

It’s great to know what you want from a personal injury lawyer, however that doesn’t always make choosing one as straightforward as it should be. Many law firms encourage and promote a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case and together you’ll be able to see if it’s worth pursuing, if you feel you can have a successful, professional relationship with one another and work towards the same goal. If you’re already looking for a lawyer to take on your case in Marksville, click the link.

So, what should you expect during this free consultation? Is there anything, in particular, you should ask or find out? What is the best approach? To find out more, read on for what to expect in your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

What will the attorney want to know?

Well, simply put the attorney will want to know as much about your case as possible and the details of your accident. This is the best way for them to gauge whether or not your case is viable. They’ll also want to know about your injuries and how they were sustained. They might ask you how these injuries are impacting your life and the medical treatment you’re receiving. They may also enquire:

To see a police report
Your medical report
Information regarding witnesses
Photographs of the scene of the accident

What questions you should expect

The lawyer will want to know if they have the right experience to assist you, and the best way they can do that is by getting as much information as possible from you. To do this, they’ll ask you questions. This isn’t to catch you out or to see if you’re lying or not, they just want to see if your case is valid, so they can ultimately do their job. They may ask questions like the following:

What injuries have you sustained?
What has your medical treatment included so far?
How has the accident affected your life?

What about documentation?

If you have documentation then you should bring it along for the lawyer to look at. Make sure you bring the following to the consultation if you have it:

Police reports
Medical reports
Photographs of the scene/accident
Anything else you may think is relevant

Bring your own questions

This is also your opportunity to ask the lawyer plenty of questions about your case too. You should consider asking them the following:

Have they handled cases like yours before?
What is their track record (results and settlements) like?
How well do they communicate with their clients?
What are the fees?


If you are given the opportunity to have no-obligation consultation, it’s certainly worth taking.

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