What kind of Camera is that?

The other day we were headed out to Dover. The sun was shining and it was too great a day to spend indoors. Why Dover? Why not?

Anyway, that’s not really the purpose of this post.

As we were leaving, I handed my little girl a use and throw camera. Now, that’s the purpose of this post.


She took it from me and looked at it closely. The first thing she asked was  – ‘Where is the screen?’ ‘What Screen?’ I asked, knowing full well what she was missing.

‘You know the one which shows you what you are taking a photo of’. she said.

‘Oh  – that screen,’ I replied – ‘There isn’t one’.

She looked at me like I had lost it. ‘But then how do you know whether the picture is good, in focus, hazy, too dark, too light etc’.

‘You look through the view finder and click’ I said.

‘But how do you know whether the photo has been taken well, that my hand did not shake?’

‘You don’t ‘, I said – ‘You only know when you see the photos’.

‘So, how do you plug it in and see the photos on the computer?’

‘You can’t’ I said, ‘You have to take it into a photographers to get it processed which means to get it transferred onto paper.’

‘That’s silly,’ she said, ‘All the photos may be rubbish’.

‘Yes,’ I sighed, ‘It has happened. We have had rubbish photos, heads cut off and sometimes no photos at all’. (Like when the camera roll didn’t wind on properly!!)

‘Also remember,’ I said, ‘You need to turn the wheel each time before you take a photo’.

‘Okay Mum – you use the camera – I’ll just use your phone’.

As I patiently answered all her questions, I questioned myself as to why people would use an old fashioned camera when there are phones, digital cameras etc that are so easy and ensure that you have the best photos.


I could see her point in all the arguments she raised and I also realised that she had pretty valid reasons for not wanting to use the camera. Is she being a diva? No – she’s just being a child growing up with technology on hand to make life easier and better.

Do you use an old fashioned camera to take photos? Let me know – I would love to know why?

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