What BritMums Live 2014 Meant to ME


BritMums Live  – A celebration of women bloggers (and a few men too) who stand together as a community to make a change both online and in real life.

When you are a blogger, and if you really enjoy what you do, your life becomes more purposeful, there is a direction – as your life is most often on display for all to see – be it a new gadget you have at home, what you did with the family last weekend or what you had for tea!

When you attend BritMums Live, this purpose becomes stronger, the direction clearer as you return inspired, not often by people who have made it big and stand out there in the limelight and brag about the ‘things’ they did to make it to the top but by the ones who in their own quiet way change the lives of others by simply sharing their experiences on their blog, by raising money for charity, by raising awareness of things unknown.

This was my second time at BritMums Live and I was looking forward to it from the time I returned from it last year. Last year, I was a newbie and my experience was a little less pleasant as I felt quite like a stranger amidst friends who had known each other for ages.(You can read about it here).

BritMums Live 2013 gave me the courage to blog without worrying about what people think, to blog for myself. (You can read about my newbie tips here) It was the first trip I made into London on my own (yes, I live just out of it but was still wary about the tube) That set the tone and I attended many events after. Now, am an old hand at it. Because of this I have many blogging friends whom I have met at these events.

So this year, I felt a sense of belonging. Of being hugged when I saw familiar faces. Of hugging back. Of less people looking at my badge and more people recognising my face. It felt nice!

This year I attended the sessions that were more advanced and I did gain quite a lot from these especially the one about Pinterest and G+. I know I have a lot of work to do with these two platforms.

I wasn’t too fussed about meeting brands – I did go around and meet them but I already knew a few of them attending so it was more to have a chat rather than to introduce myself and that felt good. I also took the required photographs to enter into competitions especially the ones to win holidays – even silly ones with a pink hat and a pink inflatable flamingo in my hand, which I may live to regret.


I am thankful to Koo-di for taking such good care of me as a Koo-di ambassador and was happy to meet the rest of the ambassadors and interact with them.


I was thrilled to meet Rach who had actually introduced me to blogging and has been and still is so supportive when ever I need help.

Only at BritMums can the men’s toilet sign be covered with a paper to read ladies. (My phone ran out of charge so I don’t have a picture). It is an amazing feeling to be there among so many great women bloggers, each one no less a celebrity in their own right, as they juggle home and work and blogging.

This BritMums for me was more about just being, just belonging to a community, where each member has her own purpose but there is one one goal – to give blogging a voice and make a difference.

I came home shattered (it was tiring) and inspired and looking forward to next year.

Until we meet again…

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