We’ve survived a month in Secondary School

Did you read my posts on our secondary school dilemma? It was a tough choice but we went with the school that’s further from us – a LOT further.

It’s now been a month and here’s an update.



Eldest headed back to school on the 6th of September. We returned from the US on the 4th. Yes, it was cutting it a little bit fine but it was either that or miss out on Disneyland. We chose the latter. As you do.

Suffering from jet lag and a whole lot of nerves, she set off for her first day at Secondary school. The school is highly academic and she has only one friend from her primary school joining her. She is however, probably the only girl travelling from where we live to the school.

So come the morning and Hubs and I were awake early (we’d been awake since 2 am thanks to jet lag) so come 7 AM and we were all ready to set off. The mandatory first day photos captured, I waved goodbye to my now secondary school child.

It’s always hard with the first one, you don’t know what to expect.

She was pretty happy to go off and excited but I could see that she was also nervous. (it’s a mum thing!) We told her all would be fine and she would make a lot of friends. We had also prepared her that it was going to be VERY different to primary school.

But no matter how prepared one is, you’re never prepared for the actual thing.

I went to pick her up and she was talking about how amazing her day had been and she had made many new friends.

Then came the day that she had to leg it back on public transport on her own. I was worried but I knew that there had to be a first time and I was confident that she would be fine. She was. To be fair, the route is one we take often into London and it’s a direct bus. The only problem is that it takes ages because of traffic and she is not allowed a mobile phone. AT ALL.

But she was fine – it was the father who kept texting me every second to find out if she had returned. Until I said I would call when she walked through the door and we really should give her 2 hours before we called the police!! (just kidding)

And then came the homework and keeping track of books to take and packing bags and remembering ID cards and Zipcards and after school clubs and it got tough.

Halfway through the second week, there were tears. She missed her friends and missed her siblings in school. She didn’t see them in the morning – they wake up after she leaves home. She didn’t get time with them in the evenings – she has homework to complete.

Well, that’s life. And it’s not easy. As my little one says – Deal with it.

She was feeling very sorry for herself and so was I.

It’s tough being the youngest in school. It’s a HUGE transition from primary to secondary.

I allowed her to wallow in it for a few minutes and then gave her the classic ‘when the going gets tough’ talk. She bought it.

She was up bright and early the next day for school. And then came a very interesting club LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) and she forgot all about feeling sorry for herself.

She’s enjoying her homework and gets it done on time, she enjoying learning new things – especially French and she’s enjoying making new friends.

The best part is she’s enjoying being independent.

And Hubs and I are enjoying watching her grow up – all in the space of a month.

It’s tiring – we all get up earlier than we used to.

It’s hectic – there’s homework and activities and meetings.

It’s exciting – as we embark on new beginnings.

So far, we’re loving it.

More importantly, SHE’S loving it and we have no regrets on our choice of school.

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