We’ve sent a present to Grandma

Today is my Mum’s birthday and though I miss her everyday, days like this are always harder as she’s not here to celebrate with us. The children wanted to send her a present so this is what we did…



We’ve sent a little present

Up to heaven today –

To wish our Darling Grandma

A very Happy Birthday!

It’s nothing very fancy,

It didn’t cost a lot,

But knowing Grandma, she’ll be pleased

With just the smallest thought.

It’s just a bobbing balloon

In her favourite hue

We haven’t forgotten her favourite colour

Happens to be blue.

It carries a small message

To tell her that we care.

We love her lots and miss her more.

But we know she’s happy there.

We wanted her to know that

We didn’t forget her day

We wish that she was here with us

We wish we’d made her stay.

We hope she gets her present,

We know that she will love.

We know she’s always looking down

On us from up above.

We love you Darling Grandma

You know we always will.

There is an empty place in our hearts

That only you can fill.

We miss you, Darling Grandma,

More than words can say.

Happy Birthday Grandma,

Hope you have a heavenly day!



Copyright Jacinta Zechariah 28.03.2015

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