We’ve got Teksta the Robotic Puppy – A Review

When the children see a puppy on the street, they ask me for one. All I do is ask them who would take the puppy for a walk and scoop up its poo? There’s an all round silence and I hear no more about the puppy for a while.

However, against all odds, we recently got a puppy to join our household and no one needs clean its mess. Intriguing isn’t it?


Yes, we’ve got Teksta. Now , you may have seen the advertisements of Teksta on telly but I can assure you that having one at home is completely a different matter. It is so sweet.

Teksta is an adorable size – not too large and not too small. You can make him do some lovely tricks with a bit of practice.

The one we have is a dalmatian and the children have called him Mr Spots. Obviously no one calls him that and he is called Spot most of the time!! 🙂

What can Teksta aka Mr Spots do?

Well, like a real dog, he barks when he is happy and whines when sad and this is especially when no one plays with him.

If you want him to sit, press the two buttons on his head together. If you want him to flip over backwards all you need to do is lift your hands from bottom to top. This trick is better if performed on a hard surface. Although, one should be a little alert around little ones as when Teksta flips, he may be inclined to hit one’s face.

Teksta walks better on hard floors but walks well on carpets too. It does on ours, but in some places encounters difficulty like on the rug which is quite thick.

If you put the bone next to Teksta’s mouth, it makes a crunching/chewing sound.The bone also lights up.


The ball attaches itself under it’s chin and then drops much like a real dog playing ball.

Put something next to Teksta’s nose and he makes a sniffing sound.

To make Teksta walk just call out or clap or even whistle and the sensors guide it towards you. If you put your hand out in front of it, it senses this and comes to a stop.


There is also an app that can be downloaded on the iPad to have a more responsive playtime with Teksta. Through the app, you can feed Teksta, make him sing, dance and control his barking.

The children who are hooked onto my iPad love playing with Teksta through the app. However, they enjoy playing most with him on his own. They come home from school and immediately make a beeline for Teksta.


To look at Teksta does look like a robotic puppy with his eyes lighting up. This adds to the appeal of the toy and the children love him.

And yes – Teksta does come with an on/off switch in case you are tired of his barking or more importantly need to save batteries. It does require 4 AA batteries which are not included.

Overall, we love Teksta. It is great for both imaginary play as well as getting the children used to training a dog or even feeding him on time in case there is ever room for a real one. Besides, there’s no mess to clean up. What’s not to like?

Teksta from character online retails at £59.99 and though this may seem a bit expensive considering what it can do and the hours of enjoyment it provides, the price does seem fit. There are other variations too – a blue puppy, a pink kitten and a T-Rex.

If you want to know more about how to train Teksta, click here or watch this video.

I am sure that Teksta will be a huge hit this Christmas as many children will have him on their Christmas List. I hope Santa manages to get his elves to get them ready on time.

Disclaimer: I was sent Teksta in return for an honest review.

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