We’ve Created a Monster…

We were invited to draw a monster for a competition hosted by Mattress Online and obviously my children jumped at the idea.

So, this morning, we have been busy drawing monsters.

Jadyn, aged 9 came up with this one –



It’s a friendly monster that lives in her room. She’s called Glitzy (for obvious reasons)

Glitzy is a friendly monster that scares away the scary ones. Her body changes colour to match her mood. The third eye helps her to have x-ray vision so she can see through doors. She chases the nightmares away by flapping her wings and singing a sweet song so that children have sweet dreams.


Mattressonline has come up with this great competition for kids, aged 10 or under to design the best monster drawing, picture, painting, model, or anything, from their imagination to win some great prizes!
They could be either friendly monsters, scary monsters, or anything at all, and can be drawn or created using any materials. The monsters can be any size, shape or colour, and we will not be judging on the quality of the drawing, just the uniqueness of it. Kids can also name their monster and explain who or what it is, and what it does to help, scare or interest them.
The Competition closes at midnight on Sunday 16th September 2014. The competition winners will receive either £100, £50 or £25 worth of monster goodys and reading prizes, to be chosen by the winners in a wish list! (Subject to availability).

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post. I thought it would be a great idea to get the children involved and to advertise it if any other children would like to enter.

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