We’ve been training Dragons with Netflix

Being part of the Netflix Streamteam means we get invited to some cool events. We were recently invited to a special screening of Dragon Riders of Berk and Ethan was thrilled.


We were greeted by some Vikings and then the children were handed their own Viking Gear to head straight into dragon training.


I think they were waylaid by some very interesting food and drinks being served. There were drinks – Lava flow and Dragon’s Blood (which Aeryn told me was delicious!!) and there was food – dragon bites, dragon ship and dragon eyeballs. The kids loved every bit.


There was even this amazing Toothless cake! Yes, we did get a slice to taste and it was delicious.


The girls had their faces painted and I must say they made very pretty vikings.


We then settled down to watch 2 episodes of Race to the Edge and for once there was no talking during the screening.

20150628_140926_resized The children enjoyed the episodes so much that they came home and watched four more episodes that day and then completed the rest of the series in the next two evenings.


In ‘Race to the Edge’, Hiccup and Toothless lead the Dragon Riders as they soar beyond the borders of Berk and discover the mysterious ‘Dragon Eye’ – an ancient artifact filled with secrets that will lead them to new lands filled with undiscovered dragons.

The children have watched all the episodes and they enjoyed it immensely. They loved all the action and adventure.

As part of the launch we were also challenged to train our own dragon at home and were sent a lovely dragon pack.


Ethan couldn’t wait to get started and decided to brush Toothless’ Teeth with a lightning bolt to make his teeth stronger.


He also taught Toothless to fly higher.



We fed Toothless gummy bears and other treats and we think he really enjoyed watching himself on telly.


 Disclaimer: As part of the Netflix Streamteam, I was invited to take part in the challenge and attend an event. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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