We’re joining the Pink Army in the 2015 Race for Life

I have a lovely new blog badge – one I’m displaying with pride.


When I was approached to join the Race for Life Bloggers, I knew this was an opportunity, I could not refuse.

I have always wanted to run (well, walk maybe) Race for Life but never got down to it for a million excuses  reasons. By joining the blogger community, I knew that I would be committing myself to it.

Why am I taking part in the Race for Life?

I lost my mother to Myeloid Leukemia. Need I say more?

When cancer hits a loved one, you wonder – why them?

Especially, when it is terminal.

You curse, you cry.

But there is nothing you can do.

But sit and wait.

Wait to say goodbye.

Because you know that even though you may try every conceiveable treatment under the sun – there is no cure.

But with the proper research, we can prevent, diagnose and treat Cancer as it can hit anyone at anytime.

I am running Race for Life so that I can raise money for Cancer Research. I’m joining the Pink Army to fight against Cancer.

And my daughter is joining me. For her grandmother whom she loved (and still does) very much.

We would love it if you could donate a little something to help us reach our target. It doesn’t matter how little it is. Every little makes a lot.

Visit our JustGiving Page – https://www.justgiving.com/jacintaz3/

If you would like to sign up for Race for Life – please click here

For the first 20 readers who sign up, you can get a £2 discount on the price by using the code RFLJAC

We will be taking part in the Race for Life 5K Event at Richmond on 7th June 2015. I would love to meet you if you are joining the same race.

In the meantime, please help me to meet (and smash!!) my target. If you can’t make a donation, please help by sharing my post on social media so that I can get as many donations as possible.

Thanks to all of you in advance.

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